venue to hold a 50th birthday party
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Hi I’m looking for a venue preferably outdoor site for a 50th Birthday party

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Dear Sir or Madam,
I am looking for a venue to hold a 50th birthday party. Preferably outdoor site such as a barn. with either self catering facilities or outside catering. It would be a mixed group of guests from a few children to mainly adults. With a disco etc I’m happy for it to be a place that needs some work to make it party ready and be a different type of venue-such as bales of hay for seats etc thank you

Event Occasion Birthday Party
Event DateSat, 11/07/2020
Quantity130 guests
Location60 miles around Doncaster area within 15 mile DN149FB
Sykehouse, Doncaster, England
Looking forBarn
Self catering facilities, Outside catering possible, Fully licensed bar, BYOB possible
Results1 offer
Contacted byland-for-events
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